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  • the following words regarding the night were assembled by the multifaceted rhythm logger, eric dranginis | we trust his opinion and you should too |


    The more I get to know Gordon the less I know what to expect when I go to one his shows, which makes him one of my favorite people who apply paint and other mediums to canvases, tennis rackets, rubber ducks, and even coffee cups.  His style evokes a multitude of  emotions from it's viewers, and that each  individual perception, is when it becomes "art".   Gordon takes simple every day ridiculousness of our modern pop culture and points out the obvious, and also it's more ambiguous side.  The night was fueled by delicious grog from Narragansett beer, vinyl tunes were spinning, and people walked out of Endlesswave's door little more stylish with clothing giveaways from Rhythm.  Only a hundred yards or so from some of the oldest most conservative money we see in this country (Newport's Mansions), its nice to have people like Gordon Holden pointing out the humor in our ever day ridiculousness and what has become of the American dream.

    cheers |